About SVIS

SVIS is an industrial-grade Automotive platform built for Productivity, Sustainability and Transformation.

Safety made Affordable

To Companies and Individuals, SVIS offers you: The BEST features-to-Price ratio on the market. Come check it out!

The perfect fit to your Vehicle's Security

Using the latest prized technology,  SVIS (Smart Vehicle Information System) is specially designed to help you optimize your vehicle's efficiency and functionality.

10,000+ companies and individuals  use SVIS to secure their vehicles 

Join us and make your company a better place.


Tracking in 4 Modes

(Playback, Real-Time, Current, Last Known); Speed Variance, Vehicle Status (Parked, Driving, Stopped, Idle, Towed).

Service & Maintenance 

Service Checks and  Reminders (Time/Mileage), Find and Book Mechanics, History of Checks & Repairs.

Vehicle Security & Alerts

Active Theft Detection, Active Engine Status Check, Protective Remote Engine Stop, Active Motion & Vibration Detections.

Smart Fleet Management

Trip Planning & Monitoring, Fuel Management, Monitoring Vehicle, and Driver Performance, Monitoring Maintenance Costs.

A little bit

of Everything

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